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Tacticsboard Academy Edition
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The Academy Edition of Tacticsboard gives you everything the web edition offers plus more, it is installed, maintained and managed internally on your own infrastructure.

All users, Tacticsboards, media and data are self contained within your own private network giving you complete control over who uses and accesses the system.

Additional features like the centralised shared library, administration tools, and coach forum have been built into the academy system.

Tacticsboard Academy can be configured so your users can access the system remotely if you have internet connectivity or any other remote solution in place.
Tacticsboard Academy edition is the complete solution for sharing all your strategies, thoughts, presentations throughout your academy age groups. It accompanies any strategic collection system where you can export your live data into your Tacticsboards making it instantly available for Coaches, trainers, analysts or students to view and discuss live with each other whether they are in the same room or at completely seperate locations.
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  • Feedback     Great fun and extremely versatile, good work.
    - P.Rogers
  • Feedback     Great asset for mentoring our players
    - M.Thomas
  • Feedback     This will be the standard tool for all coaches!
    - L.Chapman
  • Feedback     Fantastic, You have to see it to believe it.
    - K.Keen
  • Feedback     This is a really handy asset to have.
    - R.Thorn
  • Feedback     Amazing, our lads love it
    - A.Walsh
  • Feedback
  • Feedback     Simple to use with excellent results.
    - D.Smith
  • Feedback     A definate asset for all coaches.
    - T.James
  • Feedback     Super product, and excellent support service.
    - D.McKenzie