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Tacticsboard Academy Customisations
tactics board academy custom 1

tactics board academy custom 2
Tacticsboard Academy Edition is available in two builds:

Build 1 is the base build which contains the default tacticsboard colouring theme (silver and green), default player models, default canvases, default marker schemes and the default user and administration interfaces. This build is the quickest to implement because no customisations are required.

Build 2 generally is the customised version where we customise the environment to suit your academy or organisation. Customisations generally consist of theming the front end user interfaces, player model markers, canvases, marker numbering schemes.

The level of customisation is determined by the academy or organisation requirements.

Some organisations or academies may require additional customisations like smart screen user interfaces for academy training rooms, or additional canvases and markers. All of which can be tailored into the solution easily.
Our goal is to provide you with a complete solution that suits your requirements exactly.

The example images below shows how we customised one of our clients academy edition system:
tactics board academy custom 3

And these example show the base build user interfaces:
tactics board academy custom 4

For more information about requesting a demo or ordering the academy edition, visit our purchasing page.