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Tacticsboard Markers
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tactics board marker image 2
All Tacticsboards come with a wide variety of markers to simplify the creation of your presentations and make them look stunning.

We have included over sixty (60) standard 2D and 3D markers in addition to the player markers and custom markers which during our research phase where deemed to be the most commonly used in each sport.

You will find training markers, goal markers, magnetic pegs, disc markers, ball markers, number markers, position markers, pin markers, target markers and shirt markers to name a few.

We recognise that sport numbers and positions are not identical in each country, so we also give you the ability to create your very own custom team markers.

Marker Customisations
If you prefer us to do the work for you, then you can of course use our customisation services where our design team will create your required markers and numbering scheme and place them directly onto your tacticsboard. All you need to tell us is what numbering scheme or naming convention you want us to create for you.

Below is an example of a custom marker scheme we created for an American Football College campus:
tactics board marker image 3

And the example below shows a custom number scheme also added:
tactics board marker image 4

Customisation service costs and orders can be found on our pricing page.
  • Feedback     Great fun and extremely versatile, good work.
    - P.Rogers
  • Feedback     Great asset for mentoring our players
    - M.Thomas
  • Feedback     This will be the standard tool for all coaches!
    - L.Chapman
  • Feedback     Fantastic, You have to see it to believe it.
    - K.Keen
  • Feedback     This is a really handy asset to have.
    - R.Thorn
  • Feedback     Amazing, our lads love it
    - A.Walsh
  • Feedback
  • Feedback     Simple to use with excellent results.
    - D.Smith
  • Feedback     A definate asset for all coaches.
    - T.James
  • Feedback     Super product, and excellent support service.
    - D.McKenzie