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Player Photo Markers
coach tactics board photo 1
You've seen it on television when sports programs create a line up of each team's formations for the big game, and commentators run through how they suspect each team will form and play. Well, now you can achieve exactly the same results with your tacticsboard, but using your very own team players by uploading your players' photos and using them as markers on your tacticsboard.

In fact, Tacticsboard goes one step further than what you see on television, because you can use your team photo markers to discuss live upcoming match formations with your team staff from the comfort of your own home! You don't need to be in the same room or even the same country because tacticsboard breaks down all those barriers of having to setup meetings where everyone has to be in the same location.

And what's great about tacticsboard is once you've created that perfect formation you want to use, you can save that to your tacticsboard library to be viewed over and over again.

If you run a kid's team, then what better way is there to get them to interact with each other outside training time to give you their thoughts on what they think the formation should be. Not only does tacticboard get the kids away from their game consoles but makes them feel like they are really a part of the team.

Photo Marker Customisations
If you don't want the hassle of making your photo markers appear like they do on television then you can use our customisation service to do it for you.

We have created a simple form that enables you to send us your a team photo and include your players' names and position numbers and convert them into your very own personalised player markers.

And the image below shows one of our player photo customisations created for an amateur football team in Europe.

coach tactics board photo 2

As you can see, the results are very impressive when used on your tacticsboard. If I was a manager then I probably would have had a couple of staff connected to my tacticsboard changing the formation round for me!
  • Feedback     Great fun and extremely versatile, good work.
    - P.Rogers
  • Feedback     Great asset for mentoring our players
    - M.Thomas
  • Feedback     This will be the standard tool for all coaches!
    - L.Chapman
  • Feedback     Fantastic, You have to see it to believe it.
    - K.Keen
  • Feedback     This is a really handy asset to have.
    - R.Thorn
  • Feedback     Amazing, our lads love it
    - A.Walsh
  • Feedback
  • Feedback     Simple to use with excellent results.
    - D.Smith
  • Feedback     A definate asset for all coaches.
    - T.James
  • Feedback     Super product, and excellent support service.
    - D.McKenzie