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Tacticsboard Web Edition
sport tactics board web
Tacticsboard Web Edition is the only realtime multi user interactive Tacticsboard system in the world. It offers you so much more than any tactical creation software gives you and is everything you need to help you coach, mentor, train, discuss and present all your sports thoughts live with your colleagues, friends, associates or students whether you are in the same room or in a completely different location.

"If you place a marker or draw a line on your Tacticsboard, then whoever is connected can actually move that marker and line instantly"

Each Tacticsboard is feature packed with fully scaled canvas images, over 100 superb high quality markers plus a full suite of drawing tools and functions to get you creating the most highest quality sports presentations found in any product available today.
We've even included a coach's locker where you can add video, audio and write notes to explain your presentations. (The web edition allows you to attach video and audio directly from YouTube)

During our research we found that grassroot students do not get enough quality mentor time with their coaches, and they simply get bored too easily with the standard format of presentations available today. What this application does is give the coach quality time with their students while in the comfort of their own home whether they are using facebook or any other social media site.

Facebook and Skype
We have fully integrated Skype and facebook into the solution as well, so you can call your colleagues directly from your Tacticsboards using Skype whilst posting presentations, formations, drills, discussions, coach's notes etc straight from Tacticsboard on to your facebook wall instantly. We haven't stopped there either, because you can connect to your Tacticsboards straight from our facebook app as well!
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Your own team Tacticsboard Manager
When you sign up, you are given access to your very own simple to use Tacticsboard portal where you create your Tacticsboards, send invites, manage your Tacticsboard users and connect to your Tacticsboard application.

You can embed your Tacticsboard directly into any website if you so wish, or you can create a desktop shortcut to launch your Tacticsboard directly (all information on how to do this can be found in the Tacticsboard user forum)

The image below is a screenshot from the web edition Tacticsboard portal:
sport tactics board manager
As you can see above, we have three Tacticsboards demo board one (1), demo board two (2) and demo board three (3) and each Tacticsboard is completely independent from each other.

Take a look at the features table below to see what we have packed into the Tacticsboard solution.
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If you would like to know more about the pricing structure and how you can be using your very own Tacticsboard with your friends today, then please click here for more information.
  • Feedback     Great fun and extremely versatile, good work.
    - P.Rogers
  • Feedback     Great asset for mentoring our players
    - M.Thomas
  • Feedback     This will be the standard tool for all coaches!
    - L.Chapman
  • Feedback     Fantastic, You have to see it to believe it.
    - K.Keen
  • Feedback     This is a really handy asset to have.
    - R.Thorn
  • Feedback     Amazing, our lads love it
    - A.Walsh
  • Feedback
  • Feedback     Simple to use with excellent results.
    - D.Smith
  • Feedback     A definate asset for all coaches.
    - T.James
  • Feedback     Super product, and excellent support service.
    - D.McKenzie