Our Experience

Originally developed to facilitate the documentation and dissemination of complex tactical strategies utilising an easily accessible online toolset, so that players and coaches alike could be in different geographical locations, thereby increasing a coaches ability to nurture his players at individual and team levels in real-time.

Drawing on our 20 years of Corporate IT experience, we have been developing for three years the graphical interface that makes Tacticsboard the application it is today. Our product is the only multi-user internet based solution that is as easily deployed as it is browsing the internet. We utilise proven industry standard cloud computing to provide a reliable and solid foundation.

Our Aim

The driving force behind our product has always been the ease at which people can connect to the application using a standard browser on any operating system, for both amateur and professional competitors alike.

We are constantly striving to improve our product by talking with professional bodies, professional Athletes and 'A' Class Coaches from all over the world to have their sport and to have the sport specific features they have requested included. We currently support Football (Soccer), Rugby, Football (Gridiron), Basketball, Netball and the newly released Ice Hockey. We will constantly be adding new sports and hobbies to this list - if you feel we can offer your sport a tactical advantage then please contact us on support@tacticsboard.com

The Future

Our goal with tacticsboard is to build on the current solution and integrate it into all the social media networks whilst developing free toolsets and physical devices to enahance your tacticsboard experience even more.