Tacticsboard Hawaii Five O - Episode 5 released
Sunday, Oct 23, 2011 11:51 am
Tacticsboard Hawaii Five O - Episode 5 released
Released this week in the U.S, H5O Episode 5 titled "Ma'em'e" which is Hawaiian for "Clean" starts by showing a popular coach played by "Joe Toro" watching his women’s volleyball team win a game and after the celebrations are over turns to his tablet pc to note positions on our very own Tacticsboard system.

After using Tacticsboard, he hears a noise in the locker room and gets murdered, then in comes the Five-O team to investigate.

update: here's the clip showing tacticsboard being used in the episode.

The photos from the episode below are courtesy of CBS.

This photo below shows the team staff and their coach watching their team play a match against some local rivals which was filmed in part in the Stan Sheriff Center and other UH Manoa campus locations.

The next photo shows the celebration photo of the University of Hawaii women’s volleyball team.

Which is then loaded onto a tablet pc where the coach uses Tacticsboard after the game.

And with a flick of the finger, our very own Tacticsboard system is shown below:

The scene now zooms into the tablet to show the coach moving some volleyball player markers around.

And then pans out to the coach where he is shown using the Tacticsboard system

And finally, he hears a noise in the locker room

which he investigates and meets his fate, and in come to the Five-O team to investigate.

Season 2 of Hawaii-Five-O is due for UK launch in the next few months.

This episode is being hailed as the best of the season so far by critics.