Womens Football Tacticsboard Released
Thursday, Mar 22, 2012 9:25 am
Womens Football Tacticsboard Released
Our latest multi-user sports tacticsboard is specifically created for the womens football scene which is seeing massive growth in popularity all over the world.

The female football tacticsboard is a big upgrade from the current football tacticsboard system available today, and with the introduction of new features like the 3d marker rotation engine in version 1.14 means we could create life-size scaled player markers of actual female football player and rotate them.

Why a female tacticsboard?
After seeing the amount of customisations we had coming in from our female users from all over the world we took timeout to investigate how popular the women's football scene is actually becoming globally. The first thing that came to light was the fact that the majority of content is still today being created with male players, so armed with our tools we decided to model several female players to see how they would look inside our tacticsboard platform, and let me tell you the results are very impressive as you can see below.

What's new?
Canvases: There are now over 80 football canvases to choose from that include stadium views, academy complex views, wooden and asphalt indoor sports hall views and utilities from conventional tactics boards to chalk boards . So whether you are a female team manager creating match write ups, web content writer creating replays, coach developing drills, mentoring your students, building female football team formations or discussing scenarios with your peers live, there is a canvas for any purpose.

The tacticsboard application

There are over 1000 markers included with the female football tacticsboard for you to use instantly. And we didn't stop there, we also modelled match officials showing all the signals used in today's game, from linesmen waving the flag in an offside position to referee's signalling indirect and direct free kicks. We have also included all the training equipment available today from agility hoops right up to free kick dummies all in 3d.

The womens football tactics markers

Additional Features:
We have also added additional features to the tacticsboard engine as well which include a new text module that allows you to select different fonts and sizes and settings and advanced caching.

The Female football tacticsboard system is the first ever football presentation system created specifically for the women's football scene.

Already own a football tacticsboard?
If you already own a football tacticsboard then watch out for our new updated mens football tacticsboard being released in the next few weeks. The mens football tacticsboard includes all the updates seen in the womens however with brand new senior male football player markers.

We have even started work on the junior football tacticsboard system which includes junior male and female players.