The making of a Tacticsboard - Part 1
Friday, Oct 7, 2011 12:03 pm
The making of a Tacticsboard - Part 1
In a series of three articles we'll be taking you behind the scenes at tacticsboard showing you how we create our sport tacticsboards. We'll take you through how we create the canvases, markers and models that are used within the web edition of our new sports innovation.

This article is part one (1) of the series which we show you how we actually come to create the stunning canvas images included with the different sport Tacticsboard.

In todays sport applications you generally get a 2 Dimensional background image of a pitch or field from above and draw lines and place markers over it. Which is fine, but we felt here at Tacticsboard HQ, with the technologies available to us today why shouldn't Tacticsboard not only provide the right set of features and tools but it should also boast the best looking graphics seen in any sports system ever. So, with this in mind, it was agreed and the final decision was to use 3D modelling and high definition textures.

Doing so, allowed us to capture different 2D and 3D camera views of the pitch and render them to the highest standard, not only could we also scale the field and pitch dimensions perfectly, we could customise the canvases for everyone very easily.

Our first port of call was to obtain the standard pitch dimensions from governing boddies like FIFA and UEFA, then we started off by creating a wireframe model of the pitch itself.

Here's the very 1st model of the Football (Soccer) pitch we created.

football tactics board 1

Now we introduced a High Defenition texture of the grass to give us a great looking field.

football tactics board 2

We then create the goal models using the standard dimentions from FIFA.

football tactics board 3

Now we place the goals directly in the center of the pitch and create some advertisement boards so tacticsboard owners can utilise them with their company logos, sponsor's logos etc.

football tactics board 4

Then we create the dugout area and add textures to to the model

football tactics board 5

next we create the stadium model below

football tactics board 6

we then place the pitch model, adboards, goals and dugout area into the stadium below

football tactics board 7

finally, we add the camera position and render the final scaled canvas image in high definition

football tactics board 8

So now we can move around the stadium and take different camera shots for the canvases.

football tactics board 9

We'll be releasing other articles in this series very soon.